Two Reusable Cleaning Products I Can’t Live Without

Hey there! It’s been a little while. Life is busy–you know this. So let’s get to it.

Today, we’re talking about Norwex. Somehow, I’ve gone fifteen plus years of my adult house-cleaning life without brining these blessed products into my life. Why? I’m “allergic” to parties–as in anaphylaxis social reactions to parties and most of life’s social events in general. Sigh…

But, as someone that promotes teaching kids to do all kinds of household chores as outlined in my book, I figured I should look into kid-friendly (chemical-free) ways to get their jobs done.

And…I wanted to simplify the hordes of cleaning products I purchase over and over and over (you get it) so I could reduce our family’s footprint on Mother Earth. Because, you know, she’s important.

I’ll spare you the details of all the cleaning supplies I used to have, but let it suffice to say that I’ve done the math and was keeping up on roughly thirty cleaning supply products between my four bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. Thirty?!

How much money do you suppose I spend keeping my house stocked with cleaners…hmmm…let’s say “lots.”

So I finally bit the bullet and quietly ordered some Norwex stuff from my friend’s personal website (party-less style because I’m a party pooper).

Guys, girls…it’s been roughly eight months since I took the plunge and I’m still hooked.

Now, I haven’t used every product in the land of Norwex. But, two products have exceeded my expectations by so much that I’ve long-since tossed my traditional household cleaners to make room for these quality, sustainable, environmentally-friendly, (how many more adjectives can I squeeze in? one more…) and durable cleaning cloths.

Let’s talk about them, shall we?

EnviroCloths: These cloths are made from Norwex microfiber which has the ability to remove bacteria from a surface you wipe using only water. Really. It also contains their signature BacLock–micro silver woven in the cloth–that makes the cloth self-purifying from mold, fungi, and bacterial odor so you or your neighbors can’t smell your wet rags. Wahoo!

  • How to Use It: You can use the Envirocloth dry to dust (its electrostatic charge collects particles and leaves your surfaces dust and residue-free). Or, you can get that sucker wet and use it on anything and everything in your home! We get it wet and wipe baseboards, walls, light switches, door knobs, shelves, countertops, faucets, tubs, appliances, bathroom sinks, and, even toilets (not down in the bowls–I use a scrubber for that). Yes, you read that right. I put a lot of trust in that little rag’s ability to remove crappy germs (get it?) and self-purify! I have five of these babies, each one hanging on a little Command hook inside the cabinets of my four bathrooms, my kitchen, and my laundry room. The Kid’s Envirocloth is a spunkier color and smaller for smaller hands (note: my six-year-old has no problem with the regular one).

Window Cloths: This is one of Norwex’s top sellers and I now know why. I happily ditched my bottles of Windex and rolls of paper towels for these little microfiber gems that clean windows and mirrors like no man’s business. They also spit-shine stainless steel.

  • How to Use It: You simply use a spray bottle of water and mist your surface then wipe it dry. Easy. You’ll end up smiling because, unlike paper towels and glass cleaner, these rags actually produce a streak-free surface. Oh, and as a bonus, they save trees and room in your garbage cans that used to be filled with wads of paper towels. Happiness all around. I have five of these beauties too, hanging right next to my EnviroClothes in the cabinets. Again, they have a Kid’s Window Cloth and, what do you know, it’s smaller and brighter.

As a mom that’s always striving to simplify processes and life in general, I’ve come to appreciate the financial and mental benefits of minimizing my cleaning supplies.

No more headaches in trying keep a myriad of cleaners stocked for four bathrooms, a kitchen, and a laundry room.

Armed with an Envirocloth, a Window Cloth, and a water-filled spray bottle, we’re good to go for nearly every job in our house. It really is that simple.

Don’t let your lack of party-loving keep you from experiencing these products like I did. If you’re not into partying, you can order directly from the link on my website. No socializing, no fuss.

Happy cleaning! (which may not be an oxymoron if you clean with these two rags)

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