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To Pay, Or Not to Pay: Part 1

That IS the question when it comes to household responsibilities. Everyone has their own two cents to throw at it too. And over the years and through the child-raising books, I’ve come to develop my own thoughts and opinions on the matter. And…since you’re reading this blog post, get ready for my two cents.

So…do I pay my kids for doing chores? Or do I expect them to contribute to the household wihtout being paid? The answer to that is a very confident….yes. To both. Let me explain.

I whole-heartedly agree that children should contribute to the running of the family household without any financial kick back. It’s important for them to (1) know how much work goes into these daily household chores so they can appreciate efforts there and (2) share the load as a family team member. There are certain household responsibilities I EXPECT my children to do without getting paid simply because they live in the house and contribute the mess.

In my home, I call these things EXPECTABLES (made up word here – I’ll warn you now I do that a lot). Here’s the Norton family list of ‘EXPECTABLES’ just to give you an idea:

– take your dishes to sink after every meal (multiple times a day)

– get your laundry into the laundry room on laundry day (once a week)

– put away your painstakingly tall pile of laundry (once a week)

– clean your room (once a week)

– gather your ‘crap’ around the house and put it away. We lovingly call this our nightly ‘crap collection.’ (do I need to say ‘nightly’ here?)

My kids receive no compensation for the above. Instead, they get clean clothing to wear, clean dishes to eat on, a clean room to sleep in, and their personal crap remains un-donated!

Now, it’s very hard to teach children how to be financially responsible if they have no finances to manage. :/ So here’s where the other end comes in. I do expect my kids to contribute to our household in the ways mentioned above. But, I also provide them with ample opportunities (can I call them that if they don’t have a choice?! Lol) to make some of that green stuff so they can figure out how to count it, save it, share it, and spend it appropriately.

I call these things, ‘PAYABLES.’  That’s not too made up, is it? There’s no need for a list here, because in my home, virtually every other household or yard task you can think of fits in this category. Including, a whole other set of responsibilities that you maybe haven’t considered lumping in with ‘chores’ before. More on this in Part 2: To Pay, or Not to Pay. 🙂

  • Kristie Christensen
    Posted at 07:51h, 07 April

    I love the idea of “expectables” and it’s the perfect word for it!!!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:26h, 07 April

    Love this Jodie.

  • Christina Baldwin
    Posted at 10:12h, 04 August

    I love your word “expectable”. I too tend to make up words, which my husband likes to call “3 am” words, because they often come to me in the middle of thenight when I am up trying to figure out a solution to some problem.

    • Jodie
      Posted at 20:53h, 08 August

      Christina, I love the term “3am words!” Haha. That describes them perfectly!

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