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My Book is Finally Here!

It’s up!  The paperback of Time Well Spent: Raising Confident, Independent, Financially Responsible Children (I know, I know–same title as my blog–I’m super creative) is finally ready to go! The e-book version will be released on Thursday, September 1st for those of you who subscribed a while back for 20% off our ebook–I promise I didn’t forget you.

When our family started this hair-brained book-writing adventure one year ago, I honestly didn’t know if this day would ever come. But it has. And in the process, my kids have had a full summer of endless movie watching and unsupervised popsicle eating while I glued myself to my laptop to finish things up. I had to laugh at the irony of my writing a book about spending meaningful time teaching one’s kids to work, all the while completely neglecting my own. Sigh. Oh well, they didn’t go hungry or naked so we’ll call that a win for now.

Anyway, let’s talk about the book, shall we? In a nutshell, Time Well Spent helps parents implement a family chore system that uses regular chores as well as life skills to increase confidence, independence, and financial responsibility in their children. The chore system detailed within is divided into three phases of progression–“Expectables,” “Payables,” and “Savables” (yes, those aren’t real words)–designed to ease your family into a hard-working and independent way of life. That’s exciting, right?! 😉 Okay fine. Reading about implementing a chore system might not sound as thrilling as the new Harry Potter book, but come on–it is important.

There also happens to be a slew of resources that coincide with the family chore system fleshed out in Time Well Spent’s pages. You can take a look at them under our new “Downloads” tab (Thanks to my husband and our website designer Grey Castle Studios for making that all possible). If you choose to purchase my book (and I sure hope that you do), you’ll find detailed information therein on how to go about incorporating all these pages and processes into your household. If you don’t purchase my book, you are still welcome to download whatever of these pages floats your boat. They’re free. 🙂

And finally, we have one more new tab on our website that may come in handy to you. It’s our “Shop” tab. This tab contains our new book, as well as several products that are related to our book’s content, such as a notepad of “Please Pay” slips, as well as sixteen different color scheme options of our Time Well Spent chore chart (should your children want to have a different colored chart than the free one provided under the “Downloads” tab).

Hopefully now that school’s in session (or soon to be), you can take all your precious parenting time that was spent breaking up endless summer sibling bickering and instead, use it to read about and try out some of the processes contained in our book. If you end up liking what you read and think it could benefit someone you know, we’d love if you told your friends about it, or used your mad social media skills to let people know our book exists.

Thank you, thank you, and enjoy!

P.S. If you wouldn’t mind using one or two minutes of your “free time” (ha-is that even a thing in parenting?) to leave a review on Amazon after purchasing and reading our book we would be very grateful. How about forever grateful. (Hopefully it’ll be a good review, but I’ll go ahead and commit myself to being thankful you took the time to write anything–good or bad.)

  • DIana Goellner
    Posted at 16:27h, 23 August

    That is awesome! I cant wait to read it!

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